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BY HG is the space to visualize your unique identity that is empowered by all that your brand is and all that it aspires to be.

I build unique brands that are timeless, authentic, and truly magnetic. Your brand deserves to be an immersive experience and I craft that alongside you. I get down to the very details of your brand and take that as inspiration, right from thinking about what the experience would look, smell  and what it would feel like - we define your brand’s lifestyle together.

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love, hg

I’ve always been one who sees beauty in everything - Being able to now create beauty in this world, makes my heart happy.

I am a Brand and Web Designer driven by my want to help businesses with looking the part to realizing their biggest dreams. I build unique brands that are authentic, magnetic and feel luxurious. I specialize in creating affluent identities in the spaces of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

I immerse myself in design and art, and when I’m not working you can find me in the middle of a work-out, meditating, planning an idealistic travel itinerary or adding items I probably won't end up buying to my favorites list. (haha)

enneagram: 3w2

current read: you can heal your life

Fav scent: versace eros Pour femme

go-to meal: pasta arrabiata

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